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5th Avenue Pawn
(727) 849-4196
8201 US Highway 19 south
Port Richey, Florida 34668
(South of Ridge road,
west side of US 19)

Have unwanted Gold Jewelry? Broken or not, even scrap gold, it has value! Why not sell it to us, and use the cash to buy something you DO want. We pay the highest and we also TRADE your old for new!
    Jewelry, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds
    Fine Watches, Estate Jewelry, Coins
    Musical Instruments


Bring in any item of value. Our highly trained staff will evaluate your item quickly and expertly. Then we will work hard to get you the cash you need. A happy customer is a repeat customer so we'll strive to keep you satisfied! 

    Quick, Confidential, Convenient & No credit checks!

Bridge Loans


Mainstream lending has been tightened. Banks aren't lending money as freely and are rejecting people regularly with little explanation at all. You're in need of cash now and it's time seek new credit alternatives.

Did you find the perfect house and you need money to put down for the deposit before someone steals the deal? Or maybe you don't have enough to cover the closing costs?

Quick Bridge Financing For Everyone…Even Business Owners!

It's not personal…it's business? Business owners who may be experiencing serious cash flow challenges sometimes need creative bridge financing to pull them through. All they have to do is provide sufficient collateral for the amount they need and the problem is solved in minutes without the embarrassment of getting turned down by the bank.

Help in an Instant!

Do you have a seasonal business that's starting to pick up? Sometimes rapid growth requires an immediate injection of cash. Provide the collateral with wheels and we can loan you up to $20,000.00 in minutes.

Jewlery sales, pawn and repairs.
5th Avenue Jewelry & Pawn
8201 US Highway 19 south
Port Richey, Florida 34668
(1/4 mile south of Ridge road,
west side of US 19)
(727) 849-4196
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